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GTA Vice City Definitive Edition APK+OBB Download For Android/iOS

Do you love to play the GTA Theft Auto game on your android device? If so, then don’t worry as we have brought an amazing and exciting game which is full of action and adventure. The game is GTA Vice City Definitive Edition Apk which is a remaster of its original GTA Vice City game which is played by many gamers due to its remastered graphics which are different from the original game.

The only problem with the GTA VC game was graphic but we hope that by playing this GTA vice city definitive edition mobile game, the gamer may experience the game in a good manner. Moreover, the good thing about this game is that the developer has not changed the behaviour of Tommy, who was afraid of water and many others think. If you want to know more about this GTA Vice City Definitive Edition apk game, its changes, character, and many more things, then start continuing to read this article until the end.

What Is GTA Vice City Definitive Edition APK

GTA Vice City Definitive Edition Apk

Grove Street Games and Rockstar Games have released an enhanced or remastered edition of GTA Theft Auto. Out of all three remastered games, the game is much better in terms of visual enhancements and gameplay upgrades. This game features more protagonists and locations than its original game like they have added ex-mobster Tommy Vercetti. 

Changes On GTA Vice City Definitive Edition Android

GTA Vice City Definitive Edition Apk
GTA Vice City Definitive Edition Apk

They have just made some changes and enhanced game modifications. Moreover, this GTA Vice City Definitive Edition apk game was first released for PC, PSP, PlayStation, Xbox, and many other devices but later it is available for android users. Many gamers love this new edition of the GTA Vice City game due to its enhanced graphics, added various effects, smooth controls, and many more. But some gamers also criticized this GTA vice city definitive edition android game due to its technical things, art direction, and character models.

HD Texture of Car

Of course, the developers of this GTA Vice city game have made changes in the texture of cars. As they have to remaster the design, appearance, and illustrations of entire cars of the game. As we know, the cars of the GTA vice city are already popular due to their looks and performance. But by adding some new things, it makes it better. Although, the developer has not made changes in the performance, controls, strength, speed, and many other functions of these vehicles.

Shooting Water

This is the other area where the developers have made some enhancements like in the GTA vice city definitive edition iOS game, you will get the splashes and ripple effect when a bullet hits the groundwater. But in the original Vice City, the water does not show any effect when the bullets hit the water.

Enhance The Lighting

Most importantly, the developers of this game have enhanced the lighting in the game by increasing the intensity of the neon lights. It has created the shade of the right shade on the sidewalks to maintain a truly vibrant atmosphere. Considering how important light is to Vice City’s clear presentation of neon-soaked 80s, the improved lighting model, and careful re-touch in the GTA vice city definitive edition apk for mobile make it more fun to play. 

Gameplay Of GTA Vice City Definitive Edition Mobile Apk

Unfortunately, the developer of this GTA theft auto has not made changes in the remastered edition i.e. GTA vice city definitive edition apk obb download game version. As of now Tommy Vercetti, the playable character or a criminal, can not swim in the water. Also, it may die if you are diver him into the water.

Tommy has to start her illegal business, that’s why he has taken the money from many people. But unfortunately, he was imprisoned for about fifteen years and the people of mafia gangs are forcing him to give back the money which he has taken. Moreover, he has to stay normal. That’s why he has to complete various missions so that he can repay the money. Each mission has its storyline, place, and challenge but the main thing is that you don’t have to endanger the lives of your friends and relatives.

Shooting The Car Window

This change in the game has made it more enhanced than the original one. First, as before, the only glass of a car that breaks when the windshield is fired- the windows do not respond at all to gunshots. More importantly, even the way the windshield breaks is not so satisfying. The original game saw air windows shatter and send pieces of glass flying in all directions, while in a remaster, the glass suddenly disappeared.

Pointing Guns at Cop

Similarly, the remaster also works more for you by pointing a gun at a police officer than the first one. In the end, the police will not even bother to apprehend you with a gun (like any other NPC). However, in the game, as soon as you point a gun at a police officer, your Wanted level will rise, and the police officer in question will start shooting at you.

Bloody Footprints

If you cross a pool of blood, you will leave behind traces of blood on the ground. Happily, the game made progress in this area. Not only did your steps last longer, but they were much more detailed than they were in the first game.

New Missions Of GTA Vice City Definitive Edition Mod Apk

As we know that the GTA vice city comes with lots of challenging missions that the gamers have to complete to progress in the game. Missions you have to do in this remastered edition is the GTA Vice City Definitive edition which is full of action and adventure. Most importantly, they don’t have to make changes in the mission but enhance the effects like fire, gun shooting effect, Grenade effects, and many more which have made these missions more fun and exciting to play.  Even today,  many gamers love the helicopter mission as in the remastered game, they make it more enhanced.

In addition, you will find that the difficulty level of the mission is similar to the original. If you thrive in adversity, then this trilogy edition of this GTA vice city game will be best for you.  There are so many things to do in the game like exploring various places, walking in the street, enjoying riding various cars, relaxing, and many more.

Overall Summary On Game

The most important change occurring in the game is the variation in weather like they have added natural style to the game. So that it appears in real weather conditions like adding various effects to the game like Rain effect, water effect, fire effect and many more make it more realistic. They have made changes in the Grenade Damage effects which make it more detailed than the original game. Not only is the bombing better to watch, but it also leaves significant damage. In the remastered version, the gamers can easily see the damage that occurred by the bomb after or before the explosion.

Technical Information Of GTA VC Definitive Edition Apk

Game NameGTA Vice City Definitive Edition
App Size250MB
Developed ByGrove Street Games
Game Versionv2.0.01
Published byRockstar Games
Operating SystemAndroid/iOS

How To Download GTA Vice City Definitive Edition APK OBB For Android

You have to read the below instructions carefully to install this GTA Vice City Definitive Edition game on your mobile device.

  • First of all, download the GTA Vice City Definitive Edition apk and OBB file from the link which we have mentioned in this post.
  • Once it gets downloaded, you have to give access to unknown source permission.
  • After enabling, click on the apk file of this GTA Vice City Definitive Edition game and wait for some time until the game gets installed.
  • Once it gets installed, take the OBB file and copy this GTA vice city definitive edition apk OBB file to the correct folder.
  • Now, open this GTA Vice City Definitive Edition game and give access to all required permission.
  • Finally, start enjoying the gameplay and graphics of this action-adventure game.


That’s it, we are confident that all your questions regarding this mobile game get solved. No doubt, this is the best edition created by the developer due to its enhanced graphics which have made it better than other Grand Theft Auto games. However, many gamers have loved this edition and some of them criticize the game. But it depends upon your interest level whether you would like the high resolution of graphics or not.

Overall, in my opinion, it is considered to be the best update made by the Rockstar gamers due to its visual enhancement which has made this game more unique than other action-adventure games. So, we suggest you play this remastered edition of the GTA Vice city game and enjoy its changes.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is GTA Vice City Remastered?

Yes, the developer of this game has released the GTA Vice Definitive Edition which is remastered the original GTA Vice city game. Moreover, in the remastered game, you will experience that gameplay, character, weapons are similar to the original game but they have enhanced the graphics.

Is GTA Vice City Definitive Edition free?

You can easily get this GTA Vice City Definitive Edition game free of cost from the download button which we have provided in this post. You don’t even have to pay inside the game for purchasing various items such as weapons, clothes, bullets, cars, or something else as you will get it for free.

Can I run GTA Vice City Definitive Edition on android?

The GTA Vice City Definitive Edition game can easily run on android devices. Also, to play lag-free games, your android phone should meet system requirements such as the latest android version, a good high-performing Processor, a minimum of 9GB free space in the internal storage of your phone, and at least 4 GB RAM. If your phone has these qualities, then you can easily run this game and can enjoy the high-quality graphics.

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