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Resident Evil Village APK Download For Android Mobile

Resident Evil Village Apk by Capcom is an all-new game with a storyline that begins with two characters named Ethan Winters and his wife Mia, who live peacefully in a new location. They had settled here to escape from their past nightmares. Just as these characters start building their new lives together, the past nightmares fall upon them again. When the Resident evil Village download For Android you take up the role of Ethan Winters the lead character. You get to experience a very close battle and terrifying hunt through a first-person perspective. So Resident Evil 8 Apk OBB Data File for android.

In the resident evil village 8 android game, he is looking for his kidnapped daughter, who was kidnapped by the villain of the game, Chris Redfield, in front of his eyes. He could not save his daughter from Chris at that time, after losing from Chris and became unconscious. So when he wakes up, he finds himself in a place that is filled with novel mutant creatures.

About Of Resident Evil Village APK

Resident Evil Village Apk

Resident evil Village APK is also called the resident evil 8 download for android games. as the previous versions of the game were called Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 3. This is the next series of the game, which is why it is called Resident Evil 8 android. resident evil village mobile download for android is one of the most popular survival horror games. Which was created and released by a Japanese Company, Capcom.

Features Of Resident Evil Village Mobile

  • 3D Graphics:- The Resident Evil Village APK comes with three different graphics, which gives you an option to choose the graphics according to your device compatibility.
    • Low
    • Medium
    • High
  • Open World Game:- The resident evil village android game is in an open village. Allowing you to move and go anywhere in the village, just like any actual game. You can watch and open any item in the village.
  • Wepons:- When you play this game, you get the feel of a game like GTA, as there are many weapons like different types of guns and knives so that you can fight with the evil ghosts in the game.
  • Play Modes:– In this resident evil village download game, you will get to see only one play mode option, which is the normal mode. There is no option of Arcade mode, Multiplayer Mode or online mode.
  • One Player:- It is a beta apk, and it is trying new things regularly. Only one player is available to play, and the sad part is there is no multiplayer option.


Resident Evil Village Apk
Resident Evil Village Apk

The Resident Evil Village APK is a three-dimensional role-playing game that was officially released by Japanese Company, Capcom mainly for PS4, PS5, Xbox X/S, Windows PC and after a long time. It is now finally made available for Android. This game has never been made official and launched for android devices, but after reading this article. You will get an idea about the mod apk version of the resident evil village for Android, which comes with almost the same HD graphics, the same enemies, the haunted gameplay, and all the unique abilities of the characters.

The resident evil village android game’s sound effects when the characters attack and when the enemies get killed makes you feel that it is realistic. The blood outcomes and the facial looks of the characters are in high definition, which gives it a look of real characters.

As you can see, the visuals of this resident evil village download game are pretty realistic and are really excellent, which is quite remarkable when you compare the game with other games of the same genre. If you compare it to resident evil seven’s user interface, the user interface and user experience have also been modified greatly. The landscape mode of the game is based on a village in which we find our lead character at the beginning of the game.

Story Line Of Game

The resident evil village 8 android is a horror that is popular among gamers for its concept, graphics, and tale. The game developers have focused on providing 4K quality graphics, and there is no compromise in the graphic quality.

The players control Ethan winter which is the lead character of the game. The game begins with Ethan Winters in a village with his wife. Resident evil village android is set in such a way that it takes place after three long years of its previous version. The main character, Ethan Winters, along with his wife Mia and 6-month-old daughter, is living happily when Chris Redfield and his men appear. They murder Ethan’s wife, seize him and his baby daughter, and take them to a new mystery European village.

The voice of all the characters is apparent sharp and scary. The new version, the 8th version, has unique features like you may use weapons, kill zombies, run away, guard, and protect yourself.

Is Resident Evil Village 8 Apk Scary?

The scary setting of this resident evil village 8 apk download game makes the game a bit scary, and the jump scares in the game also shock the player plenty. This resident evil village android game is made offline, which means that you will not have to worry if you have internet troubles or lose connectivity in between. The resident evil village android game has residents that may become offensive at times, so it is advisable to be careful when playing the game.

Character Details

Resident Evil Village APK has a few important and side characters which include:-

  1. Ethan Winters, the lead character.
  2. Mia – Ethan’s wife.
  3. Rosemary – Ethan’s and Mia’s daughter
  4. Chris Redfield – Villain
  5. Men’s of Chris Redfield
  6. Ghost and villagers.

Details Of Resident Evil Village Android

Developer NameCapcom
FilenameResident Evil Village 8 Apk
Apk File Size30.5MB
OBB Data File Size1.13GB
SeriesResident Evil
Current Version8
Required Android5.0+ and up

How To Download Resident Evil Village APK+OBB Data For Android

You can download the Resident evil village apk file on your android device, by following the steps given below to install the resident evil 8 village android download for the Android game.

  • First of all, you have to download the apk file by clicking on download button.
  • After clicking, you will redirect to the next pages and from there simply download the resident evil village mobile apk + OBB data file, which is in Zip file format.
  • Then, using any extractor via Zarchiever or any other app, extract the apk file and OBB file.
  • Now, you have to install the resident evil village mobile on your android device.
  • Before opening the resident evil 8 village android game, you have to copy the OBB file in your OBB folder. You have to go to the Android> Data >OBB folder and copy the resident evil village OBB file. ( It is essential to copy the OBB file in the correct folder. Otherwise, the game will not start, and it may show an error? )
  • Simply start the resident evil 8 village mobile download for android game on your mobile and enable all the necessary permission.
  • Finally, start playing this resident evil village mod game and enjoy it!

Final Verdict

Resident Evil Village APK is an impressive game that comes with a lot of features, and you get an experience like any other top game. The graphics, sound quality, and characters, everything is amazing.

The storyline of this resident evil  8 village android game makes it popular and also a must-play game. You can easily download using the link on your android devices. The users have loved this game and appreciated it. The gaming experience in the android device was similar to that in PlayStations or computers.

It is a very simple game, and once you start playing, you will understand, and there is help available for you which guides you throughout the resident evil village mobile game.


Q1) Is Resident Evil Village free?

A1) Resident Evil Village Apk is free to download from the link which we have given above. But, this resident evil village download Apk game is not accessible in google play store or Apple store. If you face any difficulty during the installation process, follow the steps given above to download the resident Evil 8 Village apk game.

Q2) Can you play Resident Evil Village Offline?

A2) Yes, you can play this fantastic resident evil 8 village apk game offline. This game is totally for a single player as it doesn’t have a multiple-player feature. That way, you can’t play this resident evil village download apk game with your friends, family members. It is the main reason why this resident evil village mobile apk for an android game is an offline game.

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