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Tekken 6 Apk

Are you someone who loves fighting games? Are you looking for an impressive fighting game? Then this post is for you. In this article, you will get to know about a fighting game i.e. Tekken 6 apk download for android has amazing features, great gameplay and storyline, and more than 40 characters. The game android game was officially launched for PlayStations and Xbox but later was made available for android and iOS devices. So, read this complete article to get to know more about this game download. The battle in game obile will be intense if both the characters have activated rage mode.

Tekken 6 apk ppsspp game has 3D graphics and immersed sound quality that makes you feel like a realistic game and you are playing a live game. Lars and Alisa leave to find the real identity of Lars. This mode in game is full of action and missions and will fetch you exclusive items that would help you in the game as well. This mode is only available on PS3 and Xbox consoles.

What Are The Tekken 6 Apk

Tekken 6 Apk

Tekken 6 video game is a fighting game developed and launched by the popular Bandai Namco Games. It is the seventh game in the Tekken series that gained popularity after its release. This game was initially launched for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but later by the request of the users, it was made available to PPSSPP PlayStation portable PSP gaming console.

This Tekken 6 free download for android game has a lot of features and especially the different game modes that made it popular. It is mainly know for the best fighting game in the world and this game is published by. Due to its popularity among youth, the company released this game for android or IOS users.

Tekken 6 Apk Game Features

Tekken 6 APK download game has a lot of features that make it a popular choice among gamers, especially if you are an action game lover.

  1. Do you want to play game with your friends? Then do not worry. The game comes with an online multiplayer mode that allows you to fight with real-time players from all over the world and even create a room and play with your friends. Multiplayer mode needs good internet connectivity, and you are good to go to play with your friends.
  2. The user interface of the mobile game is very easy to use and simple, and you can easily navigate all the features of the game.
  3. Tekken 6 ppsspp game for android has an in-game guide that guides and helps you throughout the game.
  4. Are you worried about the hidden charges and your credit card details? Then do not worry. The game obb file download is a completely free of cost game, and you won’t be charged any hidden or extra fees in the game. Also, they do not ask for any credit card, making sure your bank details are safe and sound.
  5. Rage power is a special ability given to all the characters in game free download for android. Rage mode gets activated when the health of the character is about to finish. You can use rage mode and make your character extra-powerful, and all his shots cause more damage to the opponent. This is a completely new function in game.
  6.  You have to keep an eye on the health bar of the character and use the rage system at the perfect time. Once the rage power is activated, you will see a red visual around the character.

Which Are The Game Modes In Tekken 6 Mobile Game?

The best part of the game game is that it has several game modes that make the game more interesting and fun to play.

  1. Arcade Battle – Arcade battle is the ninth stage of the game, and in this, you have to fight with Azazel, the monster of the game.
  2. Challenge Battle – In challenge battle, you get daily challenges, and you have to fight with a stronger Tekken monster to improve your skills and abilities.
  3. Story Battle – In story battle or story mode, you can choose any of the characters and start his story. 
  4. Ghost Battle – This is very much similar to the arcade mode, but the only difference in ghost battle is that you get an extra boss battle called the bonus stage. In the bonus stage, you will get some points as per your performance no matter you win or lose, but remember the boss stage is very difficult. You have to fight with a robot, Alisa Bosconovitch, who is very difficult to defeat.
  5. Network – In-network or multiplayer mode, you can play with real-life players and show them your skill.
  6. Practice Mode – As the name suggests, in this, you practice and learn different actions and improve your ability to defeat the enemies.
  7. Beat Them Up Mode – This gaming mode in game revolves around a single soldier, Lars Alexanderson. Lars was involved in a furious battle with Jin’s army, and in the battle, Lars lost his memory. Then Lars meets Alisa Bosconovitch, a robot in mobile game.

GamePlay And Storyline

Tekken 6 Apk
Tekken 6 Apk

Tekken 6 APK download gamestarts with the character Jin Kazama who is leading an army and celebrating a win of the war that was against his grandfather. As Jin decides to launch a final attack on the global nations, Jin’s father plans to place a prize upon his head. All the nations of the world start breaking apart due to civil war, and this is when the heroes of step in.

This game has a total of 39 playable characters in the arcade mode of the game. The Bloodline Rebellion has around 41 characters. The game has seven new characters, as compared to the previous version, among which two are boss, and they are unplayable. If you have played Tekken 5 APK before, you will find most of the characters in this version of the Tekken game.

The game file and the controls of game are very simple and easy to understand. The controls are similar to that in PlayStation and are easy to control and play with.

New Characters

There are over 40 characters in games but the best part is that all the character s are unlocked without completing any arcade mode like in Tekken 3 game.

  1. Alisa Bosconovitch – It is a robot
  2. Azazel – He is the monster and the boss of the game. He is not a playable character.
  3. Bob Richards – He is a Martial Art Specialist.
  4. Jack-6
  5. Ling Xiaoyu
  6. Marshall Law
  7. Mokujin
  8. Nina Williams
  9. Lars Alexandersson
  10. Leo Kliesen
  11. Miguel Caballero Rojo.
  12. NANCY-MI847J
  13. Zafina
  14. Anna Williams
  15. Panda d
  16. Paul Phoenix
  17. Raven
  18. Bruce Irvin
  19. Bryan Fury
  20. Christie Monteiro
  21. Craig Marduk
  22. Julia Chang
  23. Kazuya Mishima
  24. King II
  25. Kuma II
  26. Lee Chaolan
  27. Lei Wulong
  28. Lili De Rochefort
  29. Devil JinRoger Jr.
  30. Armor King II
  31. Asuka Kazama
  32. Baek Doo San
  33. Eddy Gordo
  34. Feng Wei
  35. GanryuSteve Fox
  36. Wang Jinrei
  37. HeihachiMishima
  38. Hwoarang
  39. Jin Kazama
  40. Sergei Dragunov
  41. Yoshimitsu

Is Tekken 6 Mod Apk Offline?

You can play this game offline in arcade mode as you have to fight with nine different characters of the mobile game. The best part of this free download for android game is that you don’t require a good internet connection in multiplayer mode. You can easily play this android game with other people without using an internet connection.

Game Rate And Review

As per the reviews of the users and research from different sites, it has been proved that is a must-play game. The average review from all the sites is about 4.3/5. Users have shown a great response to this game from the date of its launch. As a gamer, you will definitely love this game because of the features, gameplay and different game modes that it provides.It comes with many modes like arcade, multiplayer mode and many other which will make your interest while playing this mobile game.

Overall, gaming experience are so amazing and stunning, that you will never feel bored while playing this android game.

Additional Information About Tekken 6 Android

Game NameTekken 6
Developer NameTekken Studio 
Apk Size250.01 MB
Published ByBandai Namco Entertainment 
Android Requirement6.0+ & iOS 10+
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How To The Tekken 6 Apk Download For Android

It is effortless for everyone to download Tekken 6 zip file download for the ppsspp android game from this website. If you want to play this fantastic fighting game on your mobile device, then follow the steps given below to download this game your mobile. 

  • First of all, download the Tekken 6 apk download ppsspp game with the help of downloading link given below.
  • Then, you have to enable unknown sources permission from your phone browser setting to start downloading process. 
  • After downloading, you have to extract the ISO file and application file of this Tekken 6 mobile game with the help of the 7zipper app.
  • Now, install the game on your mobile phone.
  • Before opening, you have to copy the Tekken 6 OBB file to start playing this game. To copy, you have to go to internal storage >>Android>>Data>> OBB file folder and copy the OBB file of this Tekken 6 free download for android game. Then, you have to open this download game and grant all necessary permissions.
  • Finally, start playing this fighting game on your Android or iOS device snd enjoy it with your friends.

This game is completely safe and free of cost game that provides one of the best features and game modes when it comes to action and fighting games. The game android has a game size of 200 MB, and the developers have taken great care about the graphics and sound quality of the game.So, you must definitely try out this Tekken 5a.m game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there Tekken 6 for Android?

Yes, this Tekken 6 apk download game is an android game, which you can play with your friend in multiplayer mode. Its excellent gameplay, graphics, and sound quality will enhance your gaming experience when you play this game on your android device.

How Can I play Tekken 6 on Android?

This Tekken 6 apk game is simple to play on your iOS or Android device without facing any difficulty. In this game free download for Android, you have to fight with other characters of this fighting game and defeat them. The controls of this game download for the android game are straightforward to understand, but if you feel any difficulty, read the gameplay section in this post. 

How many levels are in Tekken 6 arcade? 

There are a total of 9 levels in the Tekken 6 arcade mode. Up to 7 levels in this mode, you have to compete with different random characters of this game download apk with the computer. In the level 8 and 9, you have to compete with the same character, i.e., sub-boss and every time. 


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