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Pokemon Sun and Moon APK+OBB Download For Android Mobile

It has been officially announced by major rating websites that the most famous form of entertainment, regardless of the genre in this century, is not Amazon Prime or Netflix. It is anime or animated stories from Japan that are based on various themes. Pokemon Sun and Moon APK is a game that was developed with this anime in mind in this article, we are going to deeply discuss the various stances related to it. Many other countries such as South Korea and China have also started producing their version of anime, in manga or manhwa series. You must have not heard about anime in general if you are not a fan of this form. However, you must have heard about Doraemon or Dragon Ball Z at least, as these series were available throughout the world.

pokemon sun and moon apk

Much like Dragon Ball Z, Pokémon is also one of the most famous anime of all time. Pikachu was also awarded as the most famous anime character of all time. Pokémon was the story of a young boy that goes around to become the most successful Pokémon catcher in the world. He is accompanied by his friends and the famous Pokémon Pikachu and goes around fighting different types of tournaments to win special Pokémon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon APK Introduction

Pokemon Sun and Moon iOS start on the beautiful island of Alola. The story is simple and it will remind you about the other versions of the Pokemon game, but with a twist. You would have so many different types of Pokémon to train in this game, along with different sceneries to enjoy while playing. Pokemon Sun and Moon iPhone house special Pokémon that are available only in this game. You would also get to meet different types of Pokemon gods as well. Not only that, there would be a special battle for advanced Pokemon trainers up in the hills of Alola.

Gameplay After Pokemon Sun and Moon Android

pokemon sun and moon apk obb
pokemon sun and moon mobile apk

Pokemon Sun and Moon APK for Android has truly revolutionised the game of Pokemon in this game. You would not only get special characters to play with, but you would also have your existing Pokemon with an Alolan twist. There are special Z-moves that you can perform only once in the battle, and you can get them on the island. The main objective of the Pokemon Sun and Moon MOD APK unlimited money is to train as many Pokemon as you can while battling with different trainers as well. The game would guide you to your destiny, which is to reach the highest level of the battlefield situated in the hills of Alola.

Features of Pokemon Sun and Moon APK No Verification

Some features of Pokemon Sun and Moon IPA are as follows:

Fight With Ultra Beasts

You cannot enjoy a game if everything is easy going, and you don’t have to win over a fierce enemy. This is why ultra beasts were introduced in the game. The objective of these ultra beasts is unknown as they can harm both your pokémon and the characters as well. They are designed to attack in the jungles, and only UB-01 is known. Whether they are Pokemon or whether they have their own will is not yet known. The tip here would be that if you encounter any ultra-beasts, and you do not have a good Pokemon, it is better to run away and save your crystals.

Totem Pokémon

Pokemon Sun and Moon game download would also reveal the totem Pokemon in this game. As you advanced through the game you would notice that you have to complete certain objectives to advance a level in the game. After completing the objectives, you would meet a training captain that would examine you based on your level. These training captains would take exams based on individual rankings. Defeating totem beasts is the final objective of these exams. Only then would you be able to challenge kahunas at the ultimate level.

Regional Variant Pokemon

As discussed in the original series, a pokemon evolves with the help of its surroundings. There might be a Pokemon in the original island that you would be familiar with, and yet it would have its sister species deciding on where it lives. We have also seen this with Pikachu, that a flame Pikachu also exists on the lava mountains. Similarly, Pokemon Sun and Moon APK free download would grant you access to Alolan pokemon. The variants present on this island are more powerful than anything we have seen in the game.


Every game has its ultimate moves that can be pulled if things get extremely difficult. This is the same with Z-moves as well. You need to have a Z-ring present on your along with a Z-crystal. When you and your Pokemon both have a Z-crystal, you can resonate with both the crystals to unleash a very powerful attack. No matter whether your opponent is Pikachu or Bulbasaur, you would win the game with just one Z-move. However, if the move is deflected, it would amount to nothing as you can use the move only once in video game crystals.

Enjoy The Poke Ride

Since Pokémon is a very complex game with different objectives and levels to conquer, the island that is developed for the game is vast. There may be a time when you would spend 15 minutes just to reach the location if you do not know this trick. Much like any other game, you can now own and call upon different pokemon to help you reach your destination. If you want to travel by sea you can call Sharpeedo or Charizard for flying across. You even have Mudsdale to gallop across the island on the field.

Overall Summary

The game was originally available for PC, and Nintendo switches only, however it has been modded and rewritten to work on Android as well. You can download the game by following all the steps below and making sure that you do not skip any step. Failure to do so would result in an APK file being generated, and once you open the game you won’t be able to play it because the OBB file is not present where it should be. To download this mobile game, here are the steps:

Latest Version Pokemon Sun and Moon Mod APK File Information

App NamePokemon Sun and Moon APK
File Size78.5MB + 1.32GB
Latest VersionV5.6.7
Android VersionAndroid 7.0 and Above
DeveloperPokemon Sun and Moon
Last UpdatedApril 2022
Total Downloads50M+

How To DownloadPokemon Sun and Moon APK + OBB

  • Use the links mentioned above to download Pokemon Sun and Moon APK and OBB files.
  • Make sure that you close any ads that pop up while downloading the game.
  • Remember that you will need to download both the APK and the OBB file in order to run the game properly.
  • Go to your settings and allow installation from unknown sources.
  • This setting can be found in Android Settings -> Security Settings.
  • Once you have enabled this option, you need to go to your Downloads folder.
  • Search for the Pokemon Sun and Moon APK file and click on it.
  • Now install the game as you normally do with other APK files.
  • You must also copy and extract the OBB file into your Android/OBB folder.
  • Now, you can use the home screen shortcut to run the game without any issues!

Last Words

Pokemon Sun and Moon MOD APK is the latest version of the Pokémon game series that was originally started in 1992. The game features the usual gameplay in which you have to train your Pokemon to become the best Pokemon trainer on the island. The only way where you can advance on to the next island is by defeating the kahunas.

The game has some beautiful graphics, intuitive controls, and serene background music. Although the game was not released for Android, the adaptive version would be as seamless as the original Nintendo version. So, don’t wait and do Pokemon Sun and Moon APK download today for your Android mobile and tablet devices.

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